Zombies everywhere!

Our party wakes up in the Cat’s Meow and finish their morning routines. We scour the town for a scholar who might be able to read the note we found the day before. Someone figures what the heck we are trying to get across, and points us towards a church that has a nice library to help us out. At the church we find a clergyman named Articles who asked what we needed. He tells us that the note is written in an ancient, evil, forbidden language. There is a section in the library that may help us figure out this note.

We find a book in the section that details the prince of demons himself, Demogorgon. Long ago, Demogorgon was rampaging the surface, so a group of people called his nemesis, Torog, from the depths to defeat him. We found out that Demogorgon was defeated by Torog, and Torog was again banished to the underdark.

After we were done reading, Articles again finds you and tries to usher you out of the evil section of the library. He also asks for help with a church that has been having troubles with people not returning from the catacombs. We agree to help, and Articles takes us to the church. We reach the church and find the catacombs to be boarded up. We lock ourselves in the church in case something comes out of the catacombs. We break down the barricade, dance, and are assaulted by a terrible smell of dead bodies and rotting flesh. No light comes from the catacombs.

We light a torch and head down the stairs. Kyira hears a faint crying coming from the depths. We venture farther into the depths in formation. The crying grows stronger, and it sounds like a young adult female. Eventually, we enter a long hallway that has the crying female at the end of the hallway. We proceed down the hallway towards the female. As the torchlight cascades across her face, she stands up and crying asks if we know the way out. Anastri sees past her ruse, and she transforms into an Oni Night Hunter. She screams, “Attack!” and 2 rot scarab swarms pop out of the darkness. We enter the fray as four zombie hulks shamble from the attached caverns. We fight off the creatures, and find a note on the Night Hunter telling him to continue his sabotaging efforts in the city to distract them from their real purpose of mining.

Our party ventures farther into the catacombs to find a severed head on a stake. As we approach, we notice the jabbering without sound. Having enough of this nonsense, Lain raises his axe and charges the head. When he closes on the head, it unleashes an unearthly scream. Lain slashes at the head, but is unable to bring it down. The shuffle of monsters echos through the room. We attack the head and throw a torch into the room to see what is coming our way. The torch lights a horde of zombies determined to bring us down. The ghostly chill from some of the zombies wears on the morale of the group, but we entrench ourselves in the entrails of the undead. Worn out, the party heads back up to the cathedral to patch their wounds and sharpen their weapons for another foray into the depths.



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