Down Here

There are five different tunnels leading off of the cave that we are currently in. We decide to head down the path that Kushrack appeared in. Thoradin leaves an Arcane Mark on the floor to help identify where they have been. We come across a fork in the cave. We take a right after Aelar and Thoradin get in an epic argument about which way to go. The cave goes on for hours before we start to hear something.

We sneak down the tunnel, and the sound of faint chanting rises. A low blue light is emanating from down the cave. It appears to be unnatural to our eyes. We round a bend, and the chanting and light grow much more intense. We sense that they might be around the corner, so Kyira creeps forward to take a peak. She trips on her feet, falls down and curses loudly. The chanting stops.

As Kyira’s eyes adjust to the light, she sees a dozen figures on an altar. There are 3 figures that are cloaked, their features hidden. The rest of them are hideous looking humans, their faces disfigured and malformed, as if they haven’t seen the light of day forever. There lies an unconscious dwarf on the altar. Blue orbs on the altar light the room.

The three cloaked figures command the humans, “Kill them all!” They continue chanting as the humans shamble towards us. The altar starts aglow as the figures finish their chant. The throw off the cloaks, revealing themselves as Cambions. With that, they charge in with fiery swords.

Anastri bypasses the group, and picks the dwarf off of the altar. We clash with the chanters and humans. Fury is unleashed upon them. Thoradin stuns one of the Cambions, and Kyira teleports him away. Anastri carries the dwarf off of the pavilion. She glances back at the altar, and notices it had moved a few inches. Anastri drops the dwarf off outside the pavilion, and goes back to the altar. She braces herself on her sword to slow the altar. The altar slows, but doesn’t stop. She starts gathering bodies to help her heed its movement.

We continue attacking the Cambions, taking one of them out. Anastri tries her best to stop the altar, but it continues to open. She begins to hear chanting from below. One of the other Cambions falls to Kyira’s axe. The last one throws his sword at the altar, destroying it. A staircase is revealed. We focus our attention on the last, unarmed Cambion. He quickly falls.

Our party rests for a bit, healing our wounds. Unfortunately, our rest is interrupted by something bursting out of the staircase, knocking Anastri over.



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