Into the mine

Our party had just blocked off the entrance to the cave as we start to get our bearings in the cave. It looks obviously man-made. We set up a camp with the 7 dwarves for the night, and rest well. Thoradin spies a few carts off to the side of the mine, and he fixes them up and onto the rail. We hop into the carts and descend into the mine. There are a few banches off from the main shaft that the track, but suddenly the tracks stop. Kyira jumps gracefully from her crashing cart, while Aelar couldn’t get out in time and crashed with his cart. The others are fine.

We dust ourselves off, and pull Aelar from his wreck and bandage his wounds. We see an ancient looking staircase. Anastri notices dark magic coming from the stairs. She probes the tunnel, and notices a barrier. Thoradin figures that the barrier is some sort of ancient ward. We notice some runes on the wall that reminds of some characers we saw in a book. Anastri deciphers the runes to say, “Speak friend and enter.” We put our heads together, and figure out to go through all the languages we know, saying “friend.” Eventually, one of the languages brings the barrier down.

We start descending the ornate staircase. Suddenly, the stairs go flat, and all but Anastri tumble down the stairs. She had tied herself to the top of the stairs. She watches her friends slide into the darkenss. She cuts free and slowly makes her way down. Eventually, the slide levels out, and we find ourselves tumble into large, open cavern. There are columns of rock, and a light source on the other side of the room.

There is a terrible stench in the room, and we see a few troglodytes silhouetted in the light. A macetail behemoth steps from the darkness and charges our group. The stench of the troglodytes wears heavily on the heroes as the battle rages on. Kyira pushes towards one of the enemies in the rear. She notices the light source in the back is actually a portal! We begin to cut down the troglodytes down, and the macetail drops.



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