Our party wakes in the church and prepares ourselves to delve into the catacombs once again. We make our way back to where the room that held the severed head. We notice that very little has changed since our last time in the catacombs. We come across a tunnel that reminds us of a mineshaft. We explore the mineshaft. The tunnel descends deeper, and the temperature drops. It wears on our spirits, but we trudging on. We keep pressing for a while until we hear the faint noise of metal on rock.

Kyira sneaks up to the bend, and sees the tunnel widen to a very large room. She spots a line of dwarves chained to the wall, hacking away wearily at the cave wall. There is a line of orcs watching them with an ogre in the middle. We attempt to sneak farther into the room, but Thoradin trips over a rock and alerts the enemies to our location. We spot a few more orcs as the battle starts. The orc that looks like the boss pulls a lever on the wall. Anastri notices he has runes adorned upon him. The ogre charges as we hear a squeal and scratching coming from somewhere. Kyira notices the walls start to move as well. The orcs wade into the battle. Kyira teleports the ogre behind our party, and blocks his access to our backs.

The walls near the entrance crumble to reveal two dire boars and four ogre warriors. They enter the battle and knock Thoradin around. The party dukes it out with the orcs and ogres, and eventually take out that orc boss. He cries out, “It does not matter, you will all perish anyways.” We killed the rest of the enemies, and start to free the dwarves. As we check the bodies for loot, we find a map that leads to Silver Hammer, the hometown of Thoradin. We also found a note with the map that mentions Caelifera. It sounds like they are looking for the mentioned name. None of us know what Cealifera is.

We question the dwarves, who we find out to be from Silver Hammer. They still stay clear of Thoradin. The dwarves were taken to the surface, and then dragged down to where they are now. They have not a great idea of where they are. All they know is that they are trying to find something before the “good guys” do. We take the dwarves back up to the surface.

As we just about reach the church, we meet a citizen of the city. He is bleeding from a couple of wounds, and tells that Kushrak is attacking the town! There is quite a force that has taken the city. There are a few pockets of resistance, but he thinks that they will be finished shortly. One of the dwarves said that he thinks that one of the mines that they came from is still in the city. This mine leads to Silver Hammer. He suggests that we make our way to that mine.

Thoradin is wary of going back to Silver Hammer, but he agrees to follow the group to the other mine shaft. We get to the cathedral, and peek outside the cathedral. The town is alight, with the town mostly in ruin and dead in the streets. A patrol is seen wandering the streets. We set up an ambush, and Aelar goes out to draw the patrol in. The ambush works splendidly, and the patrol is wiped out. We go back out, and figure out that the patrol was coming from the direction that the mine shaft is from.



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