Opening Act

We start our adventure in Asrith, in the inn of the Cat’s Meow. Lily has reported sabotages of the rebuilding work sites around. After a bit of doing nothing at the brothel, Lain was approached by a man and hints to him about the next sabotage plans.

We headed off to the munitions depot in Asrith. There they meet a reluctant officer, who seems a bit “off”. The workers get fed up with their act, and draw their weapons. The fight is afoot. We waded into the fight with ferocity. Kyira got turned into a kitty. The party wiped out the the encampment, and then immediately noticed a halfling running away. After a quick rest, we took off and tracked the wolf. The wolf led us to an old cathedral, which was a church to Erathis before the war.

We attempted to enter, but found the door locked. Knocking only brought us a “go away,” so Anastri busted down the door (after several failed attempts from everyone else). Inside, we found dwarves, halflings in the rafters and iron cobras. A dwarf was teleported up to the rafters, and tried to jump crush Anastri, but failed. We defeated the resistance inside, and found that the floor of this cathedral was newer than the rest of the building. After destroying the floor, we discovered a handle to a hatch in the ground.



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