Rumble in the Town

We start in the church, and see no other patrols. Our party starts making our way down the streets to find the other mineshaft that is to the NE of our position. As we get to the first crossroads, we spot a group of torches a few blocks down. Kyira sneaks towards the patrol to get a better look. She notices 5 average sized figures, and one large figure.

We set up on either side of the street as an ambush. The ambush goes swimmingly well, until we spot two more patrols coming from the North and the East. We take down the patrol of Orcs, TrolWe hack them down until they stay dead.l and Troglodyte just as one of the patrols arrives. Thoradin and Anastri engage the new patrol, while the troll from the first patrol rises. He swipes a couple times at Kyira, but falls to her axe. The next patrol shows up, and attack Kyira and McLain. The troll goes down a couple more times, and finally stays down. `We whittle down the patrols until only the trolls are left. Kyira had enough, and cut off one of the troll’s head. We push on after the trolls are dispatched.

Our party moves up, checking each block as we go. We sneak past a couple patrols, and find a house to catch a short rest. Three patrols pass by our resting spot, but don’t notice anything out of the ordinary. After we gather our wits, we press on towards the mineshaft. We notice a patrol at the crossing ahead, and set up an ambush.

Our party cuts into the patrol as the orcs drop. leaving the troll and troglodyte. We combine our arms and cut down the troll. The troglodyte takes a beating, before Thoradin charges him and brings him down.

We continue towards the mineshaft, and find it to be guarded by four ogres. They look to be ready for combat, so we turn the corner and enter the fray.



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