The Altar

Our wounds untended, we enter the fray again. Humanoid creatures with elvish features and skin as dark as night come up from the staircase revealed by the destroyed altar. They, identified as Drow, attack Anastri, who is guarding the stairs. After them comes a large, flame licked, four legged creature out of the darkness. Kyira identifies it as a Red Spawn Fire Belcher. He unleashes a blast of fire at the rest of the party waiting at the base of the raised area. Another fiery beast bites at Anastri. The rest of the party starts attacking the hostiles. Thoradin summons an angelic form wreathed in flames to help with the fight. The two belchers spew another blast of flame on the altar full of creatures. They take out one of their own and Thoradin’s angel. We continue to attack the enemies, taking them out one by one. Eventually, there is only one belcher and a drow left. The belcher tries to go back down the stairs. McClain axes him before he could fully retreat. We finish off the drow, and pile the bodies on top of the hole. We hear bubbling coming from the hole. After we rest, the bubbling grows louder. We start taking the bodies off of the hole. We get ready to head down the stairs, but a fire bellows out of the hole. Discouraged, we leave to go back to the cavern with 5 tunnels leading off. The dwarf, Korlis, lets us know that one tunnel leads to Silver Hammer. Thoradin sighs as we head down that tunnel. Along the way, we see some rocks died red. Kyira knows this rock as God’s Dream. When Torog went through the passage through the shallows, he left stains on the rock with his blood. The rock has a magical effect on creatures near it. We reach Silver Hammer. Korlis, the dwarf, lets us know that he is a magistrate in Silver Hammer. We stay at Weeping Willow for the night. Thoradin runs into a past lover, Ella Bustytop, but is able to dissuade her from recognizing her. They hear stories of shadowy creatures slinking about in the night. We take a job guarding the walls for the night. We run into a fat and short dwarf named Glassbottom during the night. He is amazed at our ability to survive down here, being so scrawny looking. He goes on about this group of warriors called the Kalefor that defended the depths using a special ritual. He mentions that he might now a “witch-doctor” that may just know the ritual. The doctor has poor standing in society, so Glassbottom will only take us to meet him with the cover of night. The next night, we follow Glassbottom into the caverns surrounding Silver Hammer to find the witch-doctor. We reach a point where he lets us know that the doctor is somewhere ahead. He sheepishly stays behind us, seeming quite afraid. He mentions something about blood farts. We venture into the cave, which takes a quick turn to the left. There is a bonfire in the middle of the cavern with a hut behind it. Glassbottom calls out, “Bafidoc”, to call out the doctor. A seemingly normal looking dwarf come out of the hut. We exchange greetings, and tell him our story. We ask about the ritual, and he says that the ritual is risky and grueling. There have been others who have tried, but they all came out ruined.. He can only perform the ritual on two creatures at once, so Thoradin and McClain offer themselves first. Bafidoc has to put them under for the ritual, and will be out for about half a minute. As soon as the ritual begins, the rest of the party hears commotion from the outside of the cave. A handful of drow assault the cave. Anastri, Aelar, and Kyira stand in their way to prevent them from getting to Thoradin and McClain. They trade shots with the drow, blocking their entrance to the cave. Anastri teleports one of the drow and makes it attack one of the other drow (an arachnomancer), poisoning him. The arachnomancer is unable to fight the poison off and falls unconscious. Kyria takes this opportunity to send his soul to the Raven Queen. We finish off the group of drow just as Thoradin and McClain awake, and see another group of them coming towards the cave. Bafidoc says that the ritual will take effect after everyone has been subjected to its power. Anastri and Kyira head back to the witch-doctor to particpate in the ritual. we finish the ritual, and become paragon.



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