The Hatch

We start this session staring down the locked hatch. We find that the hatch’s lock is guarded by a dark magic. A quick barrage of radiant fists blasts the magic away. Kyira picks the lock subsequently, and we head down the spiral staircase. Thoradin carries a torch, and lights the torches along the staircase. We see various runes along the walls that reminded Anastri of a brand that she saw on a enemy she had defeated earlier. The torchlight seems at about half-effectiveness.

At the bottom of the staircase, we find double doors that are slightly ajar. The party hears something inside speaking giant. Jeb is able to have his wolf, Skeeter, open the door. The party takes the opportunity to ambush the unsuspecting orcs. We launch our attack as one of the orcs releases 4 wolves onto us. A dark looking humanoid entered the fray, conjuring a blackness that covered Thoradin and Jeb and the wolves. Jeb escapes the pack, but Thoradin is overrun. The dark-one disappears from sight, but Anastri had backed him into a room.

We clear the room, and find a note on the Dark-One. The note is in an ancient evil language, that Anastri is able to decipher some. She is able to decipher enough to be remembered of the ancient battles against the Demogorgon. The party takes off back towards the Cat’s Meow and rests the night.



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