The Portal

Our party stands before a portal. After we rest up and heal our wounds, McClain jumps through the portal. He sees near a dozen troglodytes on the other side. The area is a much more natural looking cave, with three tunnels off from the main area. McClain backs up through the portal unnoticed. We mount an attack, and charge through the portal. Unfortunately, the troglodytes had arranged themselves to march through the portal.

We charge into the troglodytes, when Kyira teleports one of the larger troglodytes on top of one of the others, knocking it prone and killing the original. The stench overwhelms our senses, but we continue to cut down the reeking troglodytes. Thoradin charges a troglodyte and smashes his head right off. He stares down the last troglodyte, who turns back towards a shadowy figure back in the tunnel. He begs, “What do we do, Kushrak?” A voice whispers back, “Go, and die for your god.” We descend upon the last troglodyte, and cut him down.

Kushrak oversees the end of the battle, and speaks: “You have no idea what you are getting into. You will die down here.” He then disappears.



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