Shielding Swordmage


AC 24 Fort 17 Ref 18 Will 16 HP 57 Feats: Improved Swordmage Warding Intelligent Blademaster White Lotus Riposte


Reserved and observant, Anastri is a champion of good in the name of the Path of Light. The Great Light teaches divinity lies within, and demands she find balance between the physical and psychological aspects of her being. Like all eladrin she is lithe but her delicate appearance belies her hardiness. Anastri is no simple minded warrior, she relies on her wits as much as physical prowess in battle and will not be rash in her decision making. Although slow to anger she will readily defend her allies. Being lawful good, she is a firm believer in order and upholding the law. Anastri has little regard for those who would commit acts of evil. A lover of religious and arcane artifacts, she is on a neverending quest to find…


Davarom Lorenamarie