The Altar
Our wounds untended, we enter the fray again. Humanoid creatures with elvish features and skin as dark as night come up from the staircase revealed by the destroyed altar. They, identified as Drow, attack Anastri, who is guarding the stairs. After them comes a large, flame licked, four legged creature out of the darkness. Kyira identifies it as a Red Spawn Fire Belcher. He unleashes a blast of fire at the rest of the party waiting at the base of the raised area. Another fiery beast bites at Anastri. The rest of the party starts attacking the hostiles. Thoradin summons an angelic form wreathed in flames to help with the fight. The two belchers spew another blast of flame on the altar full of creatures. They take out one of their own and Thoradin’s angel. We continue to attack the enemies, taking them out one by one. Eventually, there is only one belcher and a drow left. The belcher tries to go back down the stairs. McClain axes him before he could fully retreat. We finish off the drow, and pile the bodies on top of the hole. We hear bubbling coming from the hole. After we rest, the bubbling grows louder. We start taking the bodies off of the hole. We get ready to head down the stairs, but a fire bellows out of the hole. Discouraged, we leave to go back to the cavern with 5 tunnels leading off. The dwarf, Korlis, lets us know that one tunnel leads to Silver Hammer. Thoradin sighs as we head down that tunnel. Along the way, we see some rocks died red. Kyira knows this rock as God’s Dream. When Torog went through the passage through the shallows, he left stains on the rock with his blood. The rock has a magical effect on creatures near it. We reach Silver Hammer. Korlis, the dwarf, lets us know that he is a magistrate in Silver Hammer. We stay at Weeping Willow for the night. Thoradin runs into a past lover, Ella Bustytop, but is able to dissuade her from recognizing her. They hear stories of shadowy creatures slinking about in the night. We take a job guarding the walls for the night. We run into a fat and short dwarf named Glassbottom during the night. He is amazed at our ability to survive down here, being so scrawny looking. He goes on about this group of warriors called the Kalefor that defended the depths using a special ritual. He mentions that he might now a “witch-doctor” that may just know the ritual. The doctor has poor standing in society, so Glassbottom will only take us to meet him with the cover of night. The next night, we follow Glassbottom into the caverns surrounding Silver Hammer to find the witch-doctor. We reach a point where he lets us know that the doctor is somewhere ahead. He sheepishly stays behind us, seeming quite afraid. He mentions something about blood farts. We venture into the cave, which takes a quick turn to the left. There is a bonfire in the middle of the cavern with a hut behind it. Glassbottom calls out, “Bafidoc”, to call out the doctor. A seemingly normal looking dwarf come out of the hut. We exchange greetings, and tell him our story. We ask about the ritual, and he says that the ritual is risky and grueling. There have been others who have tried, but they all came out ruined.. He can only perform the ritual on two creatures at once, so Thoradin and McClain offer themselves first. Bafidoc has to put them under for the ritual, and will be out for about half a minute. As soon as the ritual begins, the rest of the party hears commotion from the outside of the cave. A handful of drow assault the cave. Anastri, Aelar, and Kyira stand in their way to prevent them from getting to Thoradin and McClain. They trade shots with the drow, blocking their entrance to the cave. Anastri teleports one of the drow and makes it attack one of the other drow (an arachnomancer), poisoning him. The arachnomancer is unable to fight the poison off and falls unconscious. Kyria takes this opportunity to send his soul to the Raven Queen. We finish off the group of drow just as Thoradin and McClain awake, and see another group of them coming towards the cave. Bafidoc says that the ritual will take effect after everyone has been subjected to its power. Anastri and Kyira head back to the witch-doctor to particpate in the ritual. we finish the ritual, and become paragon.
Down Here

There are five different tunnels leading off of the cave that we are currently in. We decide to head down the path that Kushrack appeared in. Thoradin leaves an Arcane Mark on the floor to help identify where they have been. We come across a fork in the cave. We take a right after Aelar and Thoradin get in an epic argument about which way to go. The cave goes on for hours before we start to hear something.

We sneak down the tunnel, and the sound of faint chanting rises. A low blue light is emanating from down the cave. It appears to be unnatural to our eyes. We round a bend, and the chanting and light grow much more intense. We sense that they might be around the corner, so Kyira creeps forward to take a peak. She trips on her feet, falls down and curses loudly. The chanting stops.

As Kyira’s eyes adjust to the light, she sees a dozen figures on an altar. There are 3 figures that are cloaked, their features hidden. The rest of them are hideous looking humans, their faces disfigured and malformed, as if they haven’t seen the light of day forever. There lies an unconscious dwarf on the altar. Blue orbs on the altar light the room.

The three cloaked figures command the humans, “Kill them all!” They continue chanting as the humans shamble towards us. The altar starts aglow as the figures finish their chant. The throw off the cloaks, revealing themselves as Cambions. With that, they charge in with fiery swords.

Anastri bypasses the group, and picks the dwarf off of the altar. We clash with the chanters and humans. Fury is unleashed upon them. Thoradin stuns one of the Cambions, and Kyira teleports him away. Anastri carries the dwarf off of the pavilion. She glances back at the altar, and notices it had moved a few inches. Anastri drops the dwarf off outside the pavilion, and goes back to the altar. She braces herself on her sword to slow the altar. The altar slows, but doesn’t stop. She starts gathering bodies to help her heed its movement.

We continue attacking the Cambions, taking one of them out. Anastri tries her best to stop the altar, but it continues to open. She begins to hear chanting from below. One of the other Cambions falls to Kyira’s axe. The last one throws his sword at the altar, destroying it. A staircase is revealed. We focus our attention on the last, unarmed Cambion. He quickly falls.

Our party rests for a bit, healing our wounds. Unfortunately, our rest is interrupted by something bursting out of the staircase, knocking Anastri over.

The Portal

Our party stands before a portal. After we rest up and heal our wounds, McClain jumps through the portal. He sees near a dozen troglodytes on the other side. The area is a much more natural looking cave, with three tunnels off from the main area. McClain backs up through the portal unnoticed. We mount an attack, and charge through the portal. Unfortunately, the troglodytes had arranged themselves to march through the portal.

We charge into the troglodytes, when Kyira teleports one of the larger troglodytes on top of one of the others, knocking it prone and killing the original. The stench overwhelms our senses, but we continue to cut down the reeking troglodytes. Thoradin charges a troglodyte and smashes his head right off. He stares down the last troglodyte, who turns back towards a shadowy figure back in the tunnel. He begs, “What do we do, Kushrak?” A voice whispers back, “Go, and die for your god.” We descend upon the last troglodyte, and cut him down.

Kushrak oversees the end of the battle, and speaks: “You have no idea what you are getting into. You will die down here.” He then disappears.

Into the mine

Our party had just blocked off the entrance to the cave as we start to get our bearings in the cave. It looks obviously man-made. We set up a camp with the 7 dwarves for the night, and rest well. Thoradin spies a few carts off to the side of the mine, and he fixes them up and onto the rail. We hop into the carts and descend into the mine. There are a few banches off from the main shaft that the track, but suddenly the tracks stop. Kyira jumps gracefully from her crashing cart, while Aelar couldn’t get out in time and crashed with his cart. The others are fine.

We dust ourselves off, and pull Aelar from his wreck and bandage his wounds. We see an ancient looking staircase. Anastri notices dark magic coming from the stairs. She probes the tunnel, and notices a barrier. Thoradin figures that the barrier is some sort of ancient ward. We notice some runes on the wall that reminds of some characers we saw in a book. Anastri deciphers the runes to say, “Speak friend and enter.” We put our heads together, and figure out to go through all the languages we know, saying “friend.” Eventually, one of the languages brings the barrier down.

We start descending the ornate staircase. Suddenly, the stairs go flat, and all but Anastri tumble down the stairs. She had tied herself to the top of the stairs. She watches her friends slide into the darkenss. She cuts free and slowly makes her way down. Eventually, the slide levels out, and we find ourselves tumble into large, open cavern. There are columns of rock, and a light source on the other side of the room.

There is a terrible stench in the room, and we see a few troglodytes silhouetted in the light. A macetail behemoth steps from the darkness and charges our group. The stench of the troglodytes wears heavily on the heroes as the battle rages on. Kyira pushes towards one of the enemies in the rear. She notices the light source in the back is actually a portal! We begin to cut down the troglodytes down, and the macetail drops.

Rumble in the Town

We start in the church, and see no other patrols. Our party starts making our way down the streets to find the other mineshaft that is to the NE of our position. As we get to the first crossroads, we spot a group of torches a few blocks down. Kyira sneaks towards the patrol to get a better look. She notices 5 average sized figures, and one large figure.

We set up on either side of the street as an ambush. The ambush goes swimmingly well, until we spot two more patrols coming from the North and the East. We take down the patrol of Orcs, TrolWe hack them down until they stay dead.l and Troglodyte just as one of the patrols arrives. Thoradin and Anastri engage the new patrol, while the troll from the first patrol rises. He swipes a couple times at Kyira, but falls to her axe. The next patrol shows up, and attack Kyira and McLain. The troll goes down a couple more times, and finally stays down. `We whittle down the patrols until only the trolls are left. Kyira had enough, and cut off one of the troll’s head. We push on after the trolls are dispatched.

Our party moves up, checking each block as we go. We sneak past a couple patrols, and find a house to catch a short rest. Three patrols pass by our resting spot, but don’t notice anything out of the ordinary. After we gather our wits, we press on towards the mineshaft. We notice a patrol at the crossing ahead, and set up an ambush.

Our party cuts into the patrol as the orcs drop. leaving the troll and troglodyte. We combine our arms and cut down the troll. The troglodyte takes a beating, before Thoradin charges him and brings him down.

We continue towards the mineshaft, and find it to be guarded by four ogres. They look to be ready for combat, so we turn the corner and enter the fray.


Our party wakes in the church and prepares ourselves to delve into the catacombs once again. We make our way back to where the room that held the severed head. We notice that very little has changed since our last time in the catacombs. We come across a tunnel that reminds us of a mineshaft. We explore the mineshaft. The tunnel descends deeper, and the temperature drops. It wears on our spirits, but we trudging on. We keep pressing for a while until we hear the faint noise of metal on rock.

Kyira sneaks up to the bend, and sees the tunnel widen to a very large room. She spots a line of dwarves chained to the wall, hacking away wearily at the cave wall. There is a line of orcs watching them with an ogre in the middle. We attempt to sneak farther into the room, but Thoradin trips over a rock and alerts the enemies to our location. We spot a few more orcs as the battle starts. The orc that looks like the boss pulls a lever on the wall. Anastri notices he has runes adorned upon him. The ogre charges as we hear a squeal and scratching coming from somewhere. Kyira notices the walls start to move as well. The orcs wade into the battle. Kyira teleports the ogre behind our party, and blocks his access to our backs.

The walls near the entrance crumble to reveal two dire boars and four ogre warriors. They enter the battle and knock Thoradin around. The party dukes it out with the orcs and ogres, and eventually take out that orc boss. He cries out, “It does not matter, you will all perish anyways.” We killed the rest of the enemies, and start to free the dwarves. As we check the bodies for loot, we find a map that leads to Silver Hammer, the hometown of Thoradin. We also found a note with the map that mentions Caelifera. It sounds like they are looking for the mentioned name. None of us know what Cealifera is.

We question the dwarves, who we find out to be from Silver Hammer. They still stay clear of Thoradin. The dwarves were taken to the surface, and then dragged down to where they are now. They have not a great idea of where they are. All they know is that they are trying to find something before the “good guys” do. We take the dwarves back up to the surface.

As we just about reach the church, we meet a citizen of the city. He is bleeding from a couple of wounds, and tells that Kushrak is attacking the town! There is quite a force that has taken the city. There are a few pockets of resistance, but he thinks that they will be finished shortly. One of the dwarves said that he thinks that one of the mines that they came from is still in the city. This mine leads to Silver Hammer. He suggests that we make our way to that mine.

Thoradin is wary of going back to Silver Hammer, but he agrees to follow the group to the other mine shaft. We get to the cathedral, and peek outside the cathedral. The town is alight, with the town mostly in ruin and dead in the streets. A patrol is seen wandering the streets. We set up an ambush, and Aelar goes out to draw the patrol in. The ambush works splendidly, and the patrol is wiped out. We go back out, and figure out that the patrol was coming from the direction that the mine shaft is from.

Zombies everywhere!

Our party wakes up in the Cat’s Meow and finish their morning routines. We scour the town for a scholar who might be able to read the note we found the day before. Someone figures what the heck we are trying to get across, and points us towards a church that has a nice library to help us out. At the church we find a clergyman named Articles who asked what we needed. He tells us that the note is written in an ancient, evil, forbidden language. There is a section in the library that may help us figure out this note.

We find a book in the section that details the prince of demons himself, Demogorgon. Long ago, Demogorgon was rampaging the surface, so a group of people called his nemesis, Torog, from the depths to defeat him. We found out that Demogorgon was defeated by Torog, and Torog was again banished to the underdark.

After we were done reading, Articles again finds you and tries to usher you out of the evil section of the library. He also asks for help with a church that has been having troubles with people not returning from the catacombs. We agree to help, and Articles takes us to the church. We reach the church and find the catacombs to be boarded up. We lock ourselves in the church in case something comes out of the catacombs. We break down the barricade, dance, and are assaulted by a terrible smell of dead bodies and rotting flesh. No light comes from the catacombs.

We light a torch and head down the stairs. Kyira hears a faint crying coming from the depths. We venture farther into the depths in formation. The crying grows stronger, and it sounds like a young adult female. Eventually, we enter a long hallway that has the crying female at the end of the hallway. We proceed down the hallway towards the female. As the torchlight cascades across her face, she stands up and crying asks if we know the way out. Anastri sees past her ruse, and she transforms into an Oni Night Hunter. She screams, “Attack!” and 2 rot scarab swarms pop out of the darkness. We enter the fray as four zombie hulks shamble from the attached caverns. We fight off the creatures, and find a note on the Night Hunter telling him to continue his sabotaging efforts in the city to distract them from their real purpose of mining.

Our party ventures farther into the catacombs to find a severed head on a stake. As we approach, we notice the jabbering without sound. Having enough of this nonsense, Lain raises his axe and charges the head. When he closes on the head, it unleashes an unearthly scream. Lain slashes at the head, but is unable to bring it down. The shuffle of monsters echos through the room. We attack the head and throw a torch into the room to see what is coming our way. The torch lights a horde of zombies determined to bring us down. The ghostly chill from some of the zombies wears on the morale of the group, but we entrench ourselves in the entrails of the undead. Worn out, the party heads back up to the cathedral to patch their wounds and sharpen their weapons for another foray into the depths.

The Hatch

We start this session staring down the locked hatch. We find that the hatch’s lock is guarded by a dark magic. A quick barrage of radiant fists blasts the magic away. Kyira picks the lock subsequently, and we head down the spiral staircase. Thoradin carries a torch, and lights the torches along the staircase. We see various runes along the walls that reminded Anastri of a brand that she saw on a enemy she had defeated earlier. The torchlight seems at about half-effectiveness.

At the bottom of the staircase, we find double doors that are slightly ajar. The party hears something inside speaking giant. Jeb is able to have his wolf, Skeeter, open the door. The party takes the opportunity to ambush the unsuspecting orcs. We launch our attack as one of the orcs releases 4 wolves onto us. A dark looking humanoid entered the fray, conjuring a blackness that covered Thoradin and Jeb and the wolves. Jeb escapes the pack, but Thoradin is overrun. The dark-one disappears from sight, but Anastri had backed him into a room.

We clear the room, and find a note on the Dark-One. The note is in an ancient evil language, that Anastri is able to decipher some. She is able to decipher enough to be remembered of the ancient battles against the Demogorgon. The party takes off back towards the Cat’s Meow and rests the night.

Opening Act

We start our adventure in Asrith, in the inn of the Cat’s Meow. Lily has reported sabotages of the rebuilding work sites around. After a bit of doing nothing at the brothel, Lain was approached by a man and hints to him about the next sabotage plans.

We headed off to the munitions depot in Asrith. There they meet a reluctant officer, who seems a bit “off”. The workers get fed up with their act, and draw their weapons. The fight is afoot. We waded into the fight with ferocity. Kyira got turned into a kitty. The party wiped out the the encampment, and then immediately noticed a halfling running away. After a quick rest, we took off and tracked the wolf. The wolf led us to an old cathedral, which was a church to Erathis before the war.

We attempted to enter, but found the door locked. Knocking only brought us a “go away,” so Anastri busted down the door (after several failed attempts from everyone else). Inside, we found dwarves, halflings in the rafters and iron cobras. A dwarf was teleported up to the rafters, and tried to jump crush Anastri, but failed. We defeated the resistance inside, and found that the floor of this cathedral was newer than the rest of the building. After destroying the floor, we discovered a handle to a hatch in the ground.


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