A war to end the race of men and all that is good on the continent of Davarom has just concluded. Battalions of soldiers and evil creatures have obliterated each other, but good has prevailed. Before the war, Davarom was a prosperous continent with humans at the helm. In the larger cities, one could have found half a dozen other races among the humans but they were few and far between. There had been whispers of an evil brewing across the Eastern Sea, but there was no physical evidence of such rumors being true. Fishing boats and their crews began to not return from week long journeys to fishing spots and these disappearances were attributed to dark storm clouds on the horizon. The storm began to get nearer and the coastal towns began to shore up in preparation of the storm. As the storm made landfall, all were under shelter bracing for it and so none saw the armada of a thousand ships land. By morning, a horde of fifty-thousand evil and degenerate creatures, mostly comprising of goblin-like creatures, had made landfall and either murdered or enslaved all of those in the cities. A few messengers made it away and news quickly spread across the land of Davarom. The king had been killed and the barons were leaderless and slow to react at first. A baron named Aurelius rose above the chaos and gathered a council of the other barons. It was decided to overcome the xenophobic culture of men and call upon the ancient alliances deriving from the times when Demogorgon was sent back to the abyss. Messengers were sent all across the continent and most returned with news of honored alliances. Some messengers never returned from their diplomatic missions, and soon outposts were attacked and destroyed along the borders of the areas where the messengers had not returned. These border disputes were left in the periphery as the focus of the Alliance was on the eastern coast, pushing back the evil horde out of the cities and to the shoreline. One final battle raged outside of Osrith along the shore where the horde’s leader Kushrak and his soldiers made their final stand in front of their ships. Aurelius led the battle and Kushrak fled with his burning fleet, half of his ships destroyed and half again as much on fire as they fled in the distance. A great magical voice filled the air all over Davarom, many recognized it as Kushrak’s, and it bellowed “I shall return in the name of him who you are not worthy of knowing and smite all those that oppose him. To my brethren, you shall be rewarded for weakening this land in preparation of my return.” The eastern coast cities of Davarom are decimated and have just begun the rebuilding efforts. There is a sense of hope in the air as enemy heads are staked around the cities to symbolize the defeat of the evil horde and deter any leftover enemy attacks. In the weeks following the final battle, as the rebuilding begins, the great army was disbanded as many had been conscripted from their homes and soldiers began to return home. Some whose homes no longer exist or do not wish to return home have decided to reside along the eastern coast and work in the rebuilding efforts. This is where our story begins…..


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